Women's Rayon Yoga Pants

Comfortable enough for yoga, stylish enough for a day on the town!
These fluid white rayon pants are so comfortable, you'll never want to take them off.  They move easily, allowing for an extremely comfortable yoga practice with no constricting fabric.  They look great too, making them a perfect choice for a day on the town.  With an elastic waist and deep flat pockets, they are very versatile.  The style has a lot of room to move, while the flowing fabric makes a nice fall on the legs. 

In line with the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, white is worn to help expand your radiance.  It represents light and contains all other colors.  Kundalini Yoga practictioners wear natural fibers because they are good for the psyche, for energy levels and for the nervous system.  Wear our clothing and feel your radiance grow!

S/M: inseam 31 in., waist 26-36 in. (elastic)

L/XL: inseam 31 in., waist 30-40 in. (elastic)