Turquoise 5th Chakra Ball Necklace - Truth

This unique Gems & Gems necklace represents the Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha chakra). It is found at the throat and is connected with the element of ether and thus also connected with sound and hearing. The significance of this chakra is that of balance and purity. The balance between giving and receiving as manifested in inhalation and exhalation, speech and silence. Focusing on this Chakra will make you interested in nothing but truth. The color of this chakra is blue.

The Ball & Gem necklace is made of a delicate 18 inch sterling silver diamond cut necklace. A chakra ball with a turquoise is dangling from it. The chakra ball has the fifth chakra symbol and represents the vibration of this chakra. Truth, the quality of this chakra, is engraved on a silver label attached to the clasp. The necklace comes on a beautiful gift card that describes the chakra.

The Ball & Gem necklace is handmade and comes:

All sterling silver, with blue turquoise and is approx. 18 inches in length.

About the Chakras:

These beautifully handmade Ball & Gem chakra necklaces each represent one of the 7 chakras. The chakras are energy centers in our body where body and soul connect. The ancient writings refer to the chakras as "Lotus Blossoms". All chakras are equally important as each represent certain emotions and qualities. Through awareness, concentration and meditation the chakras can be energized and balanced and thus improve our lives and the lives of those around us. The quality of each of the chakras is engraved on a silver label attached to the necklace. These qualities are:

-1st chakra is for security

-2nd chakra is for creativity

-3rd chakra is for willpower

-4th chakra is for compassion

-5th chakra is for truth

-6th chakra is for intuition

-7th chakra is for oneness