Tantric Yoga Mat

The mat measures 72" x 24" (180cm x 60cm) with a thickness of 1/4" (5mm). The underside is yellow and features an ultra slip-resistant, zig-zag tread.
Unlike many mats that claim to be eco-friendly, our mat is 100% TPE, providing a completely degradable product that can be disposed of without harm to the environment. As a commitment to this policy we incentivize customers with a disposal policy requesting the return of worn mats to our studio by mail. In return we provide FREE shipping of a replacement mat purchased from our site.
Our mat’s closed cell structure provides superior cushioning to PVC, and the sealed nature means that our mats are nearly 50% lighter than PVC. Also, because they cannot absorb moisture, bacteria is not stored.The flexible Dri-Touch inks are water based and solvent-free, resulting in an odor-free and non-toxic finish. description of the photo
Alexandra Aitken 


Alexandra Aitken is a creative Yogi.

Teaching Kundalini Yoga is her passion and her purpose is to share all the happiness, healing and peace she can. She is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. She brings all of her experience and excitement for this extraordinary technology to each class she teaches. Ally also inspires and enlightens as a professional psychic and business consultant.

Her film and performance art projects have led to her acting with award winning directors including Roger Michelle (Venus and Notting Hill), Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas, Time Code) and Robert Weide (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Alexandra’s stage roles include the part of Imogen Parrott in an adaptation of Pinero’s Victorian classic The Trelawny of the Wells at the Finborough Theatre directed by Phil Wilmott, and the leading part of Edith Mole in David Gieslmann’s play, Mr. Kolpert at the Soho Theatre in London’s West End.

Alexandra is also a successful entrepreneur - she founded an organic lingerie business and has been involved with several Internet start-ups. She recently founded TheNod.com

She founded www.steppingintogoddess.com for women. Please join our sisterhood to share news and tips on being and feeing fantastic.

She has written articles for The Times, The Telegraph, GQ, Tatler Magazine and many others.

Her mission is to inspire, instigate and investigate on loving life to the fullest happiness and teach all that she discovers.


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