Summer Floral Sleeve Headcover - Reversible by Lotus Top

One Size Fits All

These versatile headcovers can be worn as headbands, partial headcovers, or pulled back for tantric or gurudwara to cover the entire head.

All reversible prints can be worn to show both sides or either side, so you can switch for a purely white headcover to a fun multi-colored one in an instant.

In yoga, we move energy and experience connecting with a source greater then our selves. In Kundalini Yoga we cover our heads to support our process of inner awareness. It covers our tenth gate which is our connection to everything, our 7th Charka. As a teacher you can pick up a lot of energy in the class and covering your head protects you the students processes. When practicing yoga, you want to wear a comfortable and fashionable head covering, try these.

They are great for the gym, running, and hiking. There is something soothing about your head being wrapped and it is more fun to do it in style. Plus it keeps your hair out of your eyes.

Made from 100% Cotton Knit