Crescent Meditation Cushion - Kapok


These beautiful and incredibly comfortable cushions have been a favorite for Kundalini yoga and any type of meditation for years. They sell out at summer solstice year after year! The cushion is designed to support the thighs while easing pressure on the knees and hips; as one sits the heart region opens easily and gracefully.

Constructed of medium weight cotton canvas and stitched with nylon thread for strength, this cushion is available in either kapok or buckwheat hull fills.

Kapok, a natural fiber filling, resembling milkweed, is harvested in warm climates like Mexico, Malaysia and Samoa. Kapok filled crescents stand about 5 inches high and provide a firm support without being uncomfortably hard.

2 styles are available. Solid color or solid with printed top and bottom. A 6 inch nylon strap located at the centerback makes the cushion portable and a 6 inch velcro centerback closure allows easy access to the interior for filling adjustment.

People rave about the comfort and beauty of our crescent cushions.

* Shipping Weight: 6lbs