Power Yoga

Power Yoga is the gym rat of the yoga family. While it is derived from Ashtanga yoga and keeps the Ashtanga asana, Power Yoga leaves behind any sense of rigid adherence to a series of movements. It is generally known for minimal chanting and mediation and for placing a high value on strength and flexibility.

Power Yoga is considered to have been founded by three people, not working together, but teaching very similar styles and theories: Beryl Bender Birch, Bryan Kest, and Baron Baptiste. Power Yoga helped to bring yoga to a more mainstream American audience, by presenting the physical benefits of yoga as a form of exercise without all the philosophy and spirituality commonly associated with yoga.

BFar from being just a gym exercise, Power Yoga does strive to bring balance and healing to an individual at the same time it’s bringing tone and strength. It is most suitable for those who are already in relatively good shape and are looking for a Power-ful Yoga experience!