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Posture Description:

This breath can be done lying on the back, or sitting in a chair or on the floor. Be sure to maintain a straight spine throughout.

  • Inhale through the nose, expanding first the abdominal cavity, then the mid-chest area and finally the clavicle and upper chest in a smooth sequence.

  • Exhale and empty the lungs in reverse of the inhale, first the clavicle and upper chest, then the mid-chest, and finally pulling in the abdominal muscles.





Finish on an exhale and then resume normal breathing, or begin another pranayama.


Long Deep Breathing is both calming and energizing, stimulates the glandular system, and allows the lungs to work more efficiently by utilizing the lower lung area. This practice can be done on its own, or used as a transition into other pranayama practices.

Teacher's Notes & More Information:

As with any breathing practice, if you begin to feel lightheaded or notice any straining, relax or stop completely.


Some time can be spent practicing breathing into the three sections of the lung individually, before practicing Long Deep Breathing:

  • lower lungs and abdomen

  • middle lungs and chest area

  • upper lungs and clavicle area

Yoga style:

Kundalini Yoga


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