Postures & Kriyas

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From a standing position, bring the heels together and turn the feet so the toes are facing outward.  Keeping the heels together, squat down, bending the knees and keeping them spread wide apart.  Drop the buttocks down to the heels.  Bring the finger tips to the floor and raise the head up, face forward.  This is the starting position.


Inhale.  Keep the fingertips on the floor, lift the hips up, straighten the legs and drop the head down, looking at the knees.


Exhale.  Return to the starting position.


Continue, rapidly transitioning from the inhale to the exhale position.




Slow Frogs.

When doing slow frogs,  the heels should actually touch the floor when the head is dropped and the hips are up.


Eyes closed

Yoga style:

Kundalini Yoga


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