Kirtan Kriya

Meditation: Kirtan Kriya

  • Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma
  • Teacher: Yogi Bhajan
  • Posture:

    Sit straight in easy pose or on a chair. Meditate at the brow point (third Eye) and produce these primal sounds:

    Sa Ta Na Ma

    On "Sa" touch the first finger (Jupiter) with the thumb tip.

    On "Ta" touch the middle finger (Saturn) with the thumb tip.

    On "Na" touch the ring finger (Sun) with the thumb tip.

    On "Ma" touch the pinky (Mercury) with the thumb tip.


    Kirtan Kriya is divided into 6 parts.  During the first part, you chant the mantra out loud.  During the second part you whisper the mantra.  During the third part you mentally chant the mantra.  During the fourth, you whisper it again.  During the fifth you sing it out loud again.  Then you practice one minute of absolute silence.

    Example times would be 5 min, 5 min, 10 min, 5 min, 5 min, 1 min.  (As long as you maintain this ratio, you can do this meditation in any length you wish up to 2 1/2 hours.)

    It is important to shut the eyes the focus on the brow point, visualizing an "L" shape of energy flowing down into the crown chakra and out the third eye point.  Keep the spine straight.

  • Time: 11 to 31 Minutes
  • Eyes: Eyes are closed.
  • Teacher's Notes & More Information:

    Loving is all about learning to give unconditionally, and this is a very important step, as it teaches us to recognize that everything comes from God and everything goes to God.

    "Cause leads to effect; sequence leads to consequence. The Law of the Vacuum: Give to everybody, smile at everybody, pay attention. It will all come back to you. People give for the sake of giving, for the sake of the return, for the sake of public relations, for the sake of better relations. Giving is in our nature, but it is conditional. Those who can give unconditionally are those who feel that everything they have comes from God.

    There needs to be X-amount of time, personality, self, projection, thinking and planning, which must be one-tenth of your totality, to guide you to the realm of yourself, your soul. Give to God what belongs to God: one-tenth of your time, belongings, income, thoughts, projection, communication, one-tenth of every act. Every act shall be a blessed act in which one-tenth belongs to God." - Yogi Bhajan

    By practicing Kirtan Kriya, we begin to understand the cycle of creation. From the Infinite comes life, from life comes death or change. From death or change comes the re-birth of consciousness to the joy of the Infinite through which compassion leads back to life.

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  • Complete Mantra:

    Sa Ta Na Ma