Synchronization Meditation

Meditation: Synchronization Meditation

  • Mantra: Har Har Waheguru
  • Posture:
    • Sit straight with elbows by your sides. Place your hands at shoulder height by your sides, with palms forward and hands in Gian Mudra (index finger tip on the thumb tip).
    • Pull the shoulders back and lock them. 
    • Chant in a steady, clipped or marching cadence. Use one complete breath for each repetition of the mantra.
    • Use the tip of the tongue on Har, and move the lips distinctly on the rest. .
  • Time: 31 minutes
  • Eyes: Focus at the tip of the nose
  • Teacher's Notes & More Information:

    As the sound walks up your spine, you balance all the five elements and passions in the midst of activity.

    "This mantra removes phobias and subconscious blocks from the past. It creates balance between earth and ether and restores equilibrium, so past karmas are cleared." - Bibi Ji

  • Complete Mantra:

    Har Har Waheguru

  • Language: Gurmukhi