Release Fear

Meditation: Release Fear

  • Mantra: Aadays Tisai Aadays
  • Teacher: Snatam Kaur
  • Posture:

    Sit on your heels with a straight spine.  Stretch your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the ground (A).  
    Your palms should be facing the ground, fingers pointing straight forward.  Your arms should be shoulder-width apart.   Raise your arms up to a 60º angle (B).
    Aadays (B)        Tisay (A)        Aadays (B)
    Aad (A)            Aneel (B)        Anaad (A)        Anahat (B)
    Jug Jug (A)        Ayko (B)        Vays (A)
    Continue, keeping your hands and elbows held straight out firmly, and with no bend, fingers pointing straight forward, chin pulled slightly in, and spine straight.  This is done in a precise beat, and with projection and strength.  Chant from your navel.

  • Time: 11 to 31 Minutes
  • Eyes: Keep your eyes focused on the tip of your nose.
  • Teacher's Notes & More Information:

    This meditation rids you of fears and split personalities.  It can be quite challenging to do it.  If you feel pain in your arms, keep up.  I have found that there is a point when you go beyond the physical pain, and merge into union with the Creator.  It is the most victorious feeling, and will carry you into an inner state of bliss.

  • Complete Mantra:

    Aadays Tisai Aadays Aad Aneel Anaad Anaahat Jug Jug Ayko Vays

  • Language: Gurmukhi