Healing Ring of Tantra

Meditation: Healing Ring of Tantra

  • Mantra: Wahe Guru
  • Posture:
    • Eleven or more people sit in a circle, in any comfortable, cross-legged position. Form an unbroken circle by holding hands.
    • The mantra goes around the circle, with each person taking a turn to powerfully call out the mantra in a monotone, answered by all the members of the circle: "Wahe Guru" (Whaa-Hay GuRoo) 
    • "Wa" and "he" each have 1 beat, and "Guru" has 2 beats. 
    • The caller then says "Sat Naam" softly, and the person sitting to the left of the caller becomes the next caller. 
    • The chant continues in a clockwise direction around the circle. Maintain a constant rhythm. 
    • Inhale as the mantra is being chanted by a caller; exhale as you chant the mantra in response.
  • Time: 11 to 31 minutes
  • Eyes: Eyes are closed.
  • Teacher's Notes & More Information:

    This meditation is only to be done on the days of the Full Moon, New Moon, and eleventh day of the New Moon, with a minimum of eleven people.


    This is a beautiful group healing meditation that calls on the powerful energies of the full moon. The healing circle can be used to generate and direct healing energy towards any person whether they are a member of the circle, or someone remotely. Alternatively, someone can lie down in the center of the circle.


    During the meditation, the ring must never be broken for any reason.


    Another way to do this meditation is with the participants seated in a spiral. Participants join hands, alternately facing in opposite directions. (The left hand of one person will hold the left hand of the person to their left; right hand to right hand of person to their right.) If there are people of both genders, the seating in the spiral should alternate between male and female.Same gender individuals can complete the outer tail of the spiral. The person seated in the center of the spiral, if possible, should be a woman. The person seated in the center and the one in the outermost position of the spiral should hold the palms of each of their free hands facing up, to connect with the Infinite.The chanting begins with the person seated in the center, and proceeds to the next person in the spiral, until the outermost person chants. Then the chanting proceeds back to the center person.


    Source: KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level 1

  • Complete Mantra:

    Wahe Guru

  • Language: Gurmukhi