Meditation is the act of relaxing the mind and creating a transcending physical experience. It can be therapeutic, enjoyable, enlightening, and self improving. Meditation can be practiced alone or in groups. It can be practiced silently or through deep listening with the help of music. We have compiled an excellent collection of music many with sacred mantras to calm the body and create clarity of mind. We invite you to browse our meditation music for just the right pick.

We have the largest selection of music for morning sadhana as taught by Yogi Bhajan in the world. Morning sadhana as it is often called, has 7 mantras that are always recited for a set amount of time.

We have section of music for Gong's, Bells & Bowls. Meditating to the sound of bells or bowls can work wonders. Creating a simple sound that pierces the mind and creates a point of focus can cause every other sensation to cease. Eventually all experience fades away and only that experience of the present moment exists. The gong is often used for deep relaxation as it forces the mind to relax.

A key component to yoga is relaxation and savasana. Our music for relaxation is a combination of slow, sweet and soft music. Much of the music has flutes, synthesizers, nature sounds, harps and soft vocals.

We carry an excellent selection of healing and massage music. Created with the intent of assisting a peaceful and relaxing massage or healing session, these albums intersperse soft relaxing music with healing mantras or instrumentals. Music is healing on many levels and finding the right music for your massage practice will enhance the client's experience.

Japji & the other Bani's are scriptures written in song. Explore our collection of Bani's some with music, others recited melodiously.