So Dar (Japji)

Mantra: So Dar (Japji)

  • Complete Mantra:

    So dar kayhaa so ghar kayhaa

    Jit beh sarab samaalay

    Vaajay naad anayk asankha

    Kaytay vaavanhaaray

    Kaytay raag paree sio kehee-an

    Kaytay gaavanhaaray

    Gaaveh tuhno paun paanee baisantar

    Gaaveh raajaa dharam duaaray

    Gaaveh chit gupat likh jaaneh

    Likh likh dharam veechaaray

    Gaavay eesar barmaa dayvee

    Sohan sadaa savaaray

    Gaaveh ind indaasan baithay

    Dayvtiaa dar naalay

    Gaaveh ind indaasan baithay

    Dayvtiaa dar naalay

    Gaaveh sidh samaadhee andar

    Gaavan saadh vichaaray

    Gaavan jatee satee santokhi

    Gaaveh veer karaaray

    Gaavan pandit parhan rakheesar

    Jug jug vaydaa naalay

    Gaaveh mohaneeaa man mohan

    Surgaa machh payaalay

    Gaavan ratan upaa-ay tayray

    Athsath teerath naalay

    Gaaveh jodh mahaabal sooraa

    Gaaveh khaanee chaaray

    Gaaveh khand mandal varbhandaa

    Kar kar rakhay dhaaray

    Sayee tudhno gaaveh jo tudh bhaavan

    Ratay tayray bhagat rasaalay

    Hor kaytay gaavan say mai chit na aavan

    Naanak kiaa veechaaray

    Soee soee sadaa sach saahib

    Saachaa saachee naaee

    Hai bhee hosee jaa-i na jaasee

    Rachanaa jin rachaaee

    Rangee rangee bhaatee kar kar

    Jinsee maaya jin upaaee

    Kar kar vaykhai keetaa aapanaa

    Jiv tis dee vadiaaee

    Jo tis bhaavai soee karsee

    Hukam na karnaa jaaee

    So paatishaaho sahaa paatisaahib

    Naanak rehn rajaaee

  • Language: Gurmukhi
    Source: Siri Guru Granth Sahib
  • Translation:

    Where is that gate, and where is that home,

    Wherein you sit and take care of all?

    The sound current of the Naad vibrates there,

    Countless celestial musicians play there,

    So many ragas, so many musicians singing there.

    The praanic wind, water, and fire sing;

    The Righteous Judge of Dharma sings at your door.

    Chitr and Gupt, the recording angels of the conscious and subconscious,

    And the righteous judge of dharma who judges this record, sing.

    Shiva, Brahma, and the goddess of beauty, ever adorned, sing.

    Indra, seated upon his throne, sings with the deities at your door.

    The Siddhas sing in deep samadhi,

    The Sadhus sing in contemplation.

    The celibates, the fanatics, the peacefully accepting,

    And the fearless warriors sing.

    The Pandits, the religious scholars who read the Vedas, sing,

    With the supreme sages of all the ages.

    The Mohinis, the enchanting heavenly beauties, who entice the heart in this world,

    In paradise, and in the underworld of the subconscious, sing.

    The celestial jewels which you created,

    And the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage, sing.

    The brave and mighty warriors sing,

    The spiritual heroes and the four sources of creation sing.

    The planets, solar systems, and galaxies,

    Created and arranged by your hand, sing.

    They alone sing, who are pleasing to your will.

    Your devotees are imbued with your sublime essence.

    So many others sing, they do not come to mind.

    O Nanak, how can I consider them all?

    That true lord is true, ever true, and true is his Name.

    He is, and shall always be.

    He shall not depart, even when this universe he has created, departs.

    He created the world, with it's various colors,

    Species of beings, and the variety of Maya.

    Having created the creation, he watches over it himself, by his greatness.

    He does whatever he pleases.

    No order can be issued to him.

    He is the king, the king of kings,

    The lord and master of kings.

    Nanak remains subject to his will.

  • More Information:

    When you are stuck and you cannot see the window of opportunity before you,

    the twenty-seventh pauree shows you the way.  It removes obstacles and destroys hurdles.

    Translation, transliteration, and comments courtesy of: Psyche of the Soul, by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji et al.  Copyright 1993 Hand Made Books.