Mantra: Sanctuary

  • Complete Mantra:

    Wandering and wandering Oh God

    I have come

    I have entered your sanctuary

    This is Nanak’s Prayer Oh God

    Please, attach me to your service


    (Gurmukhi)Firat firat prabh aaya paria to saranaa-ay

    (Translation)Wandering and wandering Oh God, I have come, I have entered your sanctuary


    (Gurmukhi)Nanak Kee prabh baynantee Apanee Bhagatee Laa-ay

    (Translation)This is Nanak’s Prayer Oh God Please, attach me to your service


    The light of my soul 

    With every breath I bow to you

    With love in my heart

    I offer my life to you

  • Language: English and Gurmukhi
    Source: Gurmukhi words from the writings of Guru Arjan