Rang De

Mantra: Rang De

  • Complete Mantra:

    Rang de, rang de, rang de,

    Jai Ma rang me rang de

    Satya-prakashake hei,

    Bhranti-vinashake hei

    Sachidanande tu hei,

    Aisa Hamko rang de

    Niremale mane kare de,

    Prem-atule kare de

    Prem ka sagare to hei,

    Aisa hamko rang de

  • Translation:

    Colour me, colour me, colour me in

    your colour, great mother

    You are the one who enlightens

    the truth,

    You are the one who destroys the


    You are Truth, consciousness and bliss,

    colour me likewise.

    Please purify our

    mind/consciousness, Please

    fill us with love

    You are the ocean of love, please

    colour me likewise.

  • More Information:

    Mantras and translation courtesy of: www.devapremal.com