Ram Ram Hari Ram

Mantra: Ram Ram Hari Ram

  • Complete Mantra:

    Ram Ram Hari Ram, Ram Ram Hari Hari

  • Language: Gurmukhi, Sanskrit
  • Translation:

    Ram: Raa is sun | Ma is moon. Together, they are Ram, God’s creativity.
    Hari: Seed of God

  • More Information:

    This mantra came before 'Sa Ta Na Ma' which is know as the Panj Shabd. 

    First Ram - Creativity & Blessing of the Universal Magnetic field.

    Second Ram - Consolidates and protects the magnetic field & creation. 

    Third Ram - Completes and gives peace through the time of death. 

    Hari's - Elevates you in consciousness through your experience on Earth.


    Chanting this words take you beyond polarity to project and experience your original self.