Panch Parvaan

Mantra: Panch Parvaan

  • Complete Mantra:

    Panch Parvaan Panch Pardhaan

    Panchay Paaveh dargeh maan

    Panchay soheh dar raajaan

    Panchaa kaa gur ayk dhiaan

    Jay ko kahay karai veechaar

    Kartay kai karnai naahee sumaar

    Dhaaol dharam dayaa kaa poot

    Santokh thaap rakhiaa jin soot

    Jay ko bujhai hovai sachiaar

    Dhavalai upar kaytaa bhaar

    Dhartee hor parai hor hor

    Tis tay bhaar talai kavan jor

    Jeea jaat rangaa kay naav

    Sabhanaa likhiaa vuree kalaam

    Ayho laykhaa likh jaanai ko-i

    Laykhaa likhiaa kaytaa ho-i

    Kaytaa taan suaaliho roop

    Kaytee daat jaanai kaaon koot

    Keeta pasaao ayko kavaao

    Tis tay ho-ay lakh dariaao

    Kudrat kavan kahaa veechaar

    Vaariaa na jaavaa ayk vaar

    Jo tudh bhavay saa-ee Bhalee kaar

    Too sadaa salaamat nirankaar

  • Language: Gurmukhi
    Source: Siri Guru Granth Sahib
  • Translation:

    The Chosen ones, the self-elect, are accepted and honored.

    The Chosen Ones are honored in the court of the lord.

    The Chosen ones look beautiful in the courts of kings.

    The chosen ones meditate single mindedly upon the Guru.

    No matter how much anyone tries to explain and describe them,

    The doings of the Creator cannot be listed.

    The mythical bull is Dharma, the son of Compassion -

    This is what patiently holds the earth in it's place.

    One who understands this becomes truthful.

    What a great load this puts on the bull!

    So many worlds beyond this world, so very many!

    What power holds them, and supports their weight?

    The names and colors of the various species of beings

    were all written by the ever-flowing pen of God.

    Who knows how to write this account?

    Imagine what a huge scroll it would take!

    What power! What fascinating beauty!

    And what gifts! Who can know them all?

    With one sound, you created the expanse of the universe.

    Hundreds of thousands of rivers began to flow.

    How can your creative potency be described?

    I cannot even once be a sacrifice unto you.

    Whatever pleases you is the only good done,

    You, the eternal and formless one.

  • More Information:

    The sixteenth pauree gives knowledge of the structure of the universe.

    Guru Nanak wrote the long, sacred poem of Japji Sahib in verses.  Each verse has its own unique beauty and power.  Over the centuries, yogis have focused on individual pauris of Japji Sahib, singing or reciting them individually, like an affirmation or mantra.