Mantra: Ong

  • Complete Mantra:


  • Language: Gurmukhi
  • Translation:

    The Universal Creative Consciousness is my true essence.

  • More Information:

    In Yogi Bhajan's teachings, Ong is primal sound, it is the creative sound of the universe.  Yogi Bhajan said that 'Ong' is a mantra of action.  In Kundalini Yoga, 'Ong' is chanted instead of 'Om'  for just this reason. 

    It's not that 'Om' should not be chanted, but Yogi Bhajan taught that chanting 'Om' creates a state of extreme peace - it is the sound we should hear when we leave our bodies.  Chanting 'Om,' he taught, can send you into the astral plane rather than grounding you on the physical plane, so you will become spacey and less able to manifest your goals in this life.

    Chanting 'Ong' creates a powerful reaction when chanted correctly because of the way the tongue touches the palette when chanting. 'Ong' causes the pituitary gland to be activated and to secrete.  When you chant Ong, you start by making a circle of the mouth for the 'O' and then for the 'NG,'  the back of the tongue touches the back of the roof of the mouth.  You should create a powerful vibration  in the nasal passages that rises up and around the brain.

    This activates the second and sixth chakras, activating your creativity and drive.  Kundalini Yoga is about manifesting your destiny in this lifetime, so mantras of action are an important part of a Kundalini Yoga practice.