Na Sarai Na Mitray

Mantra: Na Sarai Na Mitray

  • Complete Mantra:

    na satrai, na mitrai, na bharmung, na bhitrai. (99) 
    na karmung, na kaaey, ajunmung, ajaaey. (100)                                                                       na chitrai, na mitrai, parai hain, pavitrai. (101)
    pritheesai, adeesai, adrisai, akrisai. (102)

  • Source: Dasam Granth
  • Translation:

     You have no enmity with any one, and also no friendship. You have also no delusion or fear. (99)

    O Lord, You are neither subject to the effect of Karma (Deeds), nor You take birth on that count. You never take birth, You were not born of a woman. (100)

    No one can draw Your picture, You have no friend. You remain Aloof from the creation, and are Pure and Perfect. (101)

    O Lord, You are the Master of the earth, You are Master right from the beginning, You are Invisible, You never get weakened. (102)