Madhura Madhura Murali

Mantra: Madhura Madhura Murali

  • Complete Mantra:

    Madhura Madhura murali Ghana shyama

    Madhura deepate radhe shyama

    Suradasa prabhu he giridhari

    Mira ke prabhu hrdaya vihari

    Mira ke prabhu hrdaya vihari


  • Translation:

    How melodiously and sweetly You play Your flute, most beloved Krishna with Your dark blue face.

    You are the Lord from the North Indian city of Mathura and the protector of Your beloved Radha.

    You are the master of those who serve the sun God, You grant them protection under the mountain that You lift up for them.

    You are the master of the great saints and of the mystic Mirabai, whose heart was transformed into Your temple.

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