Hari Nam Sat Nam

Mantra: Hari Nam Sat Nam

  • Complete Mantra:

    Hari nam sat nam hari nam hari,
    Hari nam sat nam sat nam hari.

  • Language: Gurmukhi
  • Translation:

    Hari Nam means the name of God. Sat Nam means Truth is His name.

    "The first part of this mantra aligns the powerful creative flow of life (Hari Nam) with your personal identity and destiny.  The second line aligns your intuitions with your intention so the unseen hand of spirit supports your fulfillment." ~Gurucharan Singh Khalsa

  • More Information:

     Prosperity mantra.

    Mantras and translation courtesy of http://www.kundaliniyogainfocntr.com/page/Kundalini+Yoga+Mantras+H+-+K