Ant Na Siftee

Mantra: Ant Na Siftee

  • Complete Mantra:

    Ant Na Siftee Kehn na ant

    Ant na karnai dayn na ant

    Ant na vaykhan sunan na ant

    Ant na jaapai kiaa man mant

    Ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar

    Ant na jaapai paaraaavaar

    Ant kaaran kaytay bilalaa-he

    Taa kay ant na paa-ay jaa-ay

    Ayho ant na jaanai ko-i

    Bahutaa keheeai Bahutaa ho-i

    Vadaa saahib oochaa thaao

    Oochay oopar oochaa naao

    Ayvad oochaa hovai ko-i

    Tis Oochay kau jaanai so-i

    Jayvad aap jaanai aap aap

    Naanak nadaree karamee daat

  • Language: Gurmukhi
    Source: Siri Guru Granth Sahib
  • Translation:

    Limitless his praises, limitless those who speak them

    Limitless his workings and his givings.

    Endless are the sounds and sights,

    Limitless the mysteries of his mind.

    Endless the creation it's expanse, here and beyond.

    Countless struggle to find his limit; it cannot be found.

    Nobody knows the end; the more is said, the more to say.

    Great is the Lord, high his abode.

    His Name the highest of the high.

    One must gain those heights to know,

    He himself knows how vast he is, O Nanak

    It is his gracious glance, that can raise a man

    So high.

  • More Information:

    The twenty fourth pauree breaks through all limitations with the force of a thunderbolt.  It is so powerful that it affects generations; it has the power to kill misfortune.

    Translation is from Matamandir Singh's recording of this pauree,

    Comments courtesy of Psyche of the Soul, by Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji et al, Copyright 1993 Hand Made Books.