Abhung Hai Anang Hai

Mantra: Abhung Hai Anang Hai

  • Complete Mantra:

    chaachheree chhand

    abhung hain, anung hain, abhaikh hain, alaikh hain. (133) 

    abharm hain, akarm hain, anadi hain, jugadi hain. (134) 

    ajai hain, abai hain, abhoot hain, adhoot hain. (135) 

    anas hain, odas hain, adhundh hain, abundh hain. (136)
    abhagat hain, birkat hain, anas hain, parkas hain. (137) 

    nechint hain, sonent hain, alikh hain, adikh hain. (138) 

    alaikh hain, abhaikh hain, adhah hain, agah hain. (139) 

    asubh hain, agunbh hain, aneel hain, anadi hain. (140) 

    anit hain, sunit hain, ajat hain, ajadi hain. (141)

  • Source: Dasam Granth
  • Translation:

    Chachheree Chhand

    O Lord, You are Indestructible. You are limbless (no body). You have no dress. No one can draw a portrait of You. (133)

    O Lord, You are above all types of doubts, superstitions and illusions. You do not need religious rituals to be performed. You are without Beginning, You were in existence prior to the beginning of ages. (134)

    O Lord, You are Unconquerable and Indestructible. You have no body of five elements. You are Immutable. (135)

    O Lord, You are Imperishable, have no worries, have no entanglements and are not in bondage. (136)

    O Lord, You remain Detached, as the material things You created, do not attract You. You are indestructible and All Light. (137)

    O Lord, You have no worries, You are Eternal. Neither any one can make a portrait of You, nor You are visible to him. (138)

    O Lord, no one can make a portrait of You. You do not wear any dress. No one can defeat You. You are Infinite. (139)

    O Lord, You are Incomprehensible to the creatures. It is Your Light which is source of life of creatures. You are the Life of the creatures and are Beginningless. (140)

    O Lord, You are Causeless, You are Eternal, You are Unborn, but Source of life of all. (141)