Hatha-Based Kundalini Yoga

This type of yoga is only called “Kundalini Yoga” but it is not the kind of Kundalini Yoga that is popular in the West. In the West, Kundalini Yoga was taught by Yogi Bhajan and is a very dynamic system of yoga full of mantra, mudra, asana, kriya and lifestyle teachings. See the Kundalini Yoga page for more information about this style.

Kundalini Yoga in the West should not be confused with a Hatha-based “Kundalini Yoga” as taught in India by Swami Sivananda. In this tradition, it is a very austere and strict form the Hatha yoga based heavily on Vedic literature. There are extensive cleansing exercises, asana, pranayama, and dietary restrictions. This type of “Kundalini Yoga” is based in the Sanskrit language, not Gurmukhi.

If you find a Kundalini Yoga class in the West, it will likely be based on the tradition of Yogi Bhajan, rather than Swami Sivananda. If you are interested in a class on this type of Hatha-based Kundalini Yoga, you will have to hunt to find one, and may have to go all the way to India to study it.

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