Prayers For The Water

Start Date:  January 1, 2017
End Date: January 11, 2017
Teacher: Mirabai Ceiba

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"Inhale deeply with reverence, love, compassion, and kindness. Communicate with your breath that it must give you peace of mind, peace on the mother planet Earth, peace and oneness with God and His creation." - Yogi Bhajan

Prayers For The Water has been designed specifically to give parents time to be present with their children and participate in activities that will serve each other and the planet. If you don't have children, you are still more than welcome to participate - bring a friend and embrace your inner child!

This practice has four parts. We recommend having a glass of water in front of you for your special time together, so that you can dedicate your practice and prayers to the water. All of the energy and love built up during this practice will create strong prayers for the waters of the earth.


We recommend having a glass of water in front of you for your special time together, so that you can dedicate your practice and prayers to the water, and drink from the blessed water after your practice together.

Part 1: Dance for 5 minutes!

What is better than a dance party with your family in the living room? Dancing together will give you the time you need each day to have fun, be silly, move your bodies, and create magical memories together. Go crazy! Get into it, and encourage your child to be as silly as they want to be during this time. Move your body in new ways and don't forget to smile and laugh. This is a time to shake off any stress or sadness and allow yourself to connect with your own inner child.

Part 2: Pranayam We've included 4 simple and fun pranayams that will help get you and your child back in touch with the breath of life, while giving them valuable tools that they can use for the rest of their lives.    

Washing Windows (1 minute): Sit across from your partner with your legs crossed. Sit very straight, look into each other's eyes, and offer a greeting. Put the palms of your hands together with your partner's. Try to tune into your partner, and they will tune in with you. Try to move where he/she wants to move, and they will move where you want to move. Be sensitive to each other. Don't forget to breathe!

Pillows (1 minute per pillow): Lie down on your back. Have your child lie down his/her back so that your stomach is a pillow. Take a deep breath and fill up your belly with breath. Did your child feel his/her head move? Now breathe out from your belly. Make it flatten. Is the pillow moving again? Keep breathing for one minute. Then switch places and have your child breathe in out deep from the belly, and you get to feel your pillow move!

Balloons (1 minute): Sit with your legs crossed and your back straight. Bring your hands together in prayer pose at your heart. Imagine that your lungs are like balloons. Inhale, and stretch your arms up, allowing fresh air and energy into your lungs. Exhale, and bring your arms back down into prayer pose, as you empty your lungs of old air and energy.

"Really Cool" Breath (1 minute): This breath is perfect for cooling you down when you are upset about something. It's also great for allowing you to settle down if you are too excited. Try to curl your tongue into a straw shape by opening your mouth and pulling the sides of your tongue into a U shape. (Not everyone can do this - so don't be upset if you can't. Just do your best and be ok with whatever shape your tongue ends up making!) Now take a deep breath in through the curled tongue. Then close your mouth, and exhale through your nose.

All of these pranayams, plus asanas and kriyas for children can be found in "Fly Like A Butterfly" by Shakta Kaur Khalsa.

Part 3: Singing Together

Together, we will sing "Ayunilene" - a traditional Native American chant to give thanks to the element of water. We have included some arm movements that you might also like to try out as you sing. It's up to you!


Ayunilene Shula
Mihaiun Shula Mihaiunilene
Vateva Shula Vateva Ho
Vateva Ho Vateva Ho

Part 4: A Prayer For The Water: The practice ends with a few moments of silence, followed by a prayer for the waters of the world. Never underestimate the power that prayers spoken from the heart can have - especially when generated from the love between a parent and a child. If you like, you can say the prayer over the glass of water and drink the blessed water afterwards.


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Ojos Como Estrellas- Eyes like Stars Fly Like a Butterfly
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The people of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota have stepped up in powerful non-violent protest to protect the life-giving waters that run through their land. Their efforts have impeded the $3.7 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline known as DAPL. They don't want to be described as heroes. This feels like their duty.

Now that the cameras have stopped rolling, the water protectors have a long fight ahead of them. In order to ensure that this temporary delay becomes a lasting victory, they have to stay at Standing Rock. But winter is here, and the dangers of staying there in these severe conditions are becoming more intense each day.

Kirtan Aid: Standing Rock brings together a community of musicians who believe their music can bring change to the planet. The musicians who have brought their music to this project are activists and peace makers who stand with Standing Rock! We hope that you will use this opportunity to give to this important movement, and take our music as a gift of gratitude.



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Sevati   FloresTRONIC Live in Concert (Double CD)  
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