Start Date:  September 7, 2018
End Date: October 16, 2018
Teacher: Jai-Jagdeesh

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Movement Relaxation Series

When we let stress build up, it can cause physical and mental imbalances. It is important for us to deeply relax on a daily basis. This moving, meditative kriya will relax your whole body and mind. It is a beautiful way to release tension in the mind and body. Feeling the entire body confirms the reality of the relaxation and smoothes the aura.

The other exercises in this kriya help to strengthen the heart and circulatory system. If this system is weak, then tissues will tense and the joints will build up deposits that create illness. This makes true, deep relaxation quite difficult.

This simple series is for total relaxation and a cooperative coordination of mind and body into the experience of Self.

1. Rhythmic Dance (3-11 minutes)

Stand straight with your arms completely relaxed. Close your eyes. Feel any tension in each part of the body and consciously let it go. Begin to sway and move every part of your body. Dance gracefully, feeling the easy movement of each body area. If there is gentle rhythmic music of a high vibration available, it may be used softly in the background. The time can be extended for as long as you enjoy it.

2. Body Awareness (3-5 minutes)

Immediately stand straight with your eyes still closed. With your hands, begin to lightly feel each part and area of your body without reservation. Every square inch must be touched. Feel sensitivity with your palms.

3. Hanging Relaxation (3-11 minutes)

Lean forward with your arms hanging - completely relaxed. All the muscles of the body should be relaxed. Let your breath be normal. To end, inhale and exhale very deeply several times.

4. Backward Hang (1 minute)

Slowly lean backwards with arms hanging loosely down. The breath is relaxed.

5. Savasana (1-10 minutes)

Relax completely on your back. It can be nice to cover yourself with a soft, warm blanket during savasana, and have soft, soothing music playing in the background if that helps you relax. Enjoy this relaxation.


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