Start Date: January 1, 2016
End Date: February 9, 2016
Teacher: Snatam Kaur

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Sat Nam!

We are beyond excited to announce an amazing new 40 Day Global Sadhana! Meditation of the Soul - An Experience of Jap Ji with Snatam Kaur begins on January 1, 2016.

This 40 Day Global Sadhana is a truly incredible offering - and the first of its kind! Spirit Voyage is partnering with 3HO International, Kundalini Research Institute, Sikh Dharma International and SikhNet to offer this beautiful experience of Jap Ji to people all around the world.

If you have been longing to learn more about Jap Ji, but didn't know where to begin, this is the perfect place! Many people are uncomfortable when they first start practicing Jap Ji, because it can be challenging to pronounce all the words. We love this practice so much, and we believe in its transformative power, so we wanted to kick off the new year by offering this free sadhana to people all over the world.

This Global Sadhana is being translated into four different languages: Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and German so that it can be practiced by as many people as possible. We will be led by Snatam Kaur, who is joined by incredible teachers from Sikh Dharma with extensive knowledge of Jap Ji, Guru Nanak's Song of the Soul. We pray that your experience of Jap Ji brings you closer to your soul, and that you fall in love with this beautiful and sacred practice.

In Loving Service,
Spirit Voyage, 3HO International, Sikh Dharma International, SikhNet, Kundalini Research Institute and Snatam Kaur


A Message from Snatam Kaur

Sat Nam!
My name is Snatam Kaur, and I am in collaboration with Spirit Voyage, 3HO International, Kundalini Research Institute, SikhNet, and Sikh Dharma to offer a 40 day Global Sadhana dedicated to Jap Jī, a sacred recitation given to us by Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith. In Kundalini Yoga we recite Jap Jī every morning as a part of the Aquarian Sadhana. There are also many teachings from the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan about the beautiful benefits of Jap Jī. Yet it can be challenging to learn and we hope that this Global Sadhana assists many people in understanding more about Jap Jī and obtaining comfort with the recitation of it.

Humbly Yours,
Snatam Kaur

About Guru Nanak & About Jap Jī

About Guru Nanak: A saint and sage of the 15th Century in India, Gurū Nanak’s universal message of love and peace can be experienced in his poetry and recitations. Jap Jī, Gurū Nānak’s Meditation of the Soul, is a direct transmission of his experience of merger with the One, or Jal Samādhi. After three days under a river, Gurū Nānak emerged to share his vision that all beings, no matter what their walk of life have the Divine Light within, and that we can each access that Light. Gurū Nānak’s gave us Jap Jī as a way to experience our own Divine merger as our souls awaken in the recitation of these sacred words.

About Jap Jī:

Jap Jī has 40 stanzas, including the Mul Mantra, followed by 38 Pauris, or steps, and ending with a section called a Salok. Each stanza has a powerful healing effect, which can be felt especially when we recite this sacred poem every day. We re-pattern the neurons in our brain, as we infuse this positive energy.

Jap means repeat, and Jī means soul. Through repeating Jap Jī daily, we attune our Soul to the universal consciousness that Gurū Nānak embodied. This amazing poem teaches us how to live in consciousness on this planet, and it explores topics such as deep listening, surrender, faith, and ways to access the energy of infinity within us. Jap Jī also encourages us to practice from a place of love, sit within the polarities of the Universe in complete balance and serenity, and apply ourselves wholeheartedly to spiritual discipline. As we recite it with each repetition, we teach ourselves through its vibration; we don't even have to know the meaning. On a cellular level, we are shifting the vibratory frequency of our being.

“We must do ourselves a favor. Gurū Nānak gave us Jap Jī. Jap means repeated, reciprocal creative power. Jap means when we recite and what we recite, it takes mind, body, and soul to recite; Jap requires consciousness, intelligence, and personality; it requires soul, mind, and body. Jī means the soul, the inner self, the eternal self, the excellent self, the infinite self, that is called Jī. Jī energy is what the universal energy is, and Gurū Nānak gave you Jap of the Jī, that’s why the name is Jap Jī. It is recitation of that Jī, it is called multiple soul, it’s called infinite soul.” ~ Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, April 16, 1985


Instructions for the Jap Jī Global Sadhana

Please recite Jap Jī once a day for 40 days. The best time to recite Jap Jī is in the morning, before you have spoken to anyone. You can make this the first vibration that you communicate to the Universe.

On each day a global team of esteemed Sikh Dharma teachers will offer their personal reflections and teachings of Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan about each stanza of Jap Jī so that you can have the opportunity to begin to explore Jap Jī. Please tune in each day!


Before reciting, it is good to bathe (cold shower is highly recommended here!) and change into clothing that helps you to meditate. White is recommended for its capacity to awaken within you your universal nature, and also deflect negativity. Natural fibers such as cotton, silk, or wool will also aid in supporting your nervous system.

With Jap Jī, or any recitation of the Guru's word, the vibration of the Guru comes to dwell within. In recognition of the sacred presence of the Guru as we recite, and in the sacred Sikh tradition from which Jap Jī comes, we cover our heads.

By covering your head, the vibration of the recitation is contained within. This will stabilize your energy, and allow it to collect in the region of your sixth and seventh Chakras. The sixth Chakra is at the third eye point, the point between your eyebrows, which is your seat of intuition. The seventh Chakra is at the top of the head, and it is your connection to the Divine. It is your crown center as a human being. As this energy collects, it is the energy of Shabad Gurū, the vibration of the sound current that becomes the teacher. By containing that energy we are more able to access it during the recitation, and then it is stabilized so that we may have a chance to merge with it and allow it to guide us in our day.

Here are some head covering ideas:

Through the recitation of Jap Jī the Shabad Guru resonates within us. Perhaps this beautiful line from Guru Ram Das says it best:

bāṉī gurū gurū hai bāṉī vich bāṉī amrit sāray.

The Word, the Baṉī is Gurū, and Gurū is the Baṉī. Within the Baṉī, the Ambrosial Nectar is contained.

~ Guru Ram Das, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 982

Posture and Breath

When you read Jap Jī, sit with a straight spine on something comfortable. Hold your booklet, or whatever you are reading Jap Jī from, in such a way that you can sit up straight. When we recite while sitting erect, we engage and stimulate all the Chakras along the spinal cord. These are energy centers that when nourished help us to remain in a state of balance. Wear a shawl or blanket as needed to make sure that your spine remains warm during this process. Please make sure to take full deep breaths so that as you recite you have plenty of breath within your lungs which gives Praanaa to the recitation.


This is an active meditation that requires you to recite. Your voice makes the real changes occur! As the words of Jap Jī pass through your mouth, the tongue taps the roof of your mouth and sends messages to your hypothalamus, a center in your brain that relates to your glandular system and nervous system. When we recite, we are sending positive healing vibrations into our body system that has a very real effect on our well-being.

Feeling overwhelmed by the many new words is natural. I recommend surrendering to it, and allowing the possibility that it may take a long time to work on your pronunciation. I have been reciting Jap Jī my whole life, and still I am finding areas to improve upon.

I have found in teaching that the best pronunciation comes through actually knowing Gurmukhi. If you have that opportunity, I highly recommend it. In the meantime, we have provided for you a Jap Jī Practice and Learning Tool to help you learn and master Jap Jī.

If you are unfamiliar with reciting Jap Jī, please use the track entitled Jap Jī Learning Tool. In this recording, Himmat Singh, a life-long student of Gurmukhī, recites Jap Jī line by line, with me reciting the response. With his masterful pronunciation, purposefully done in a slow manner, you can follow along and begin to understand how each word is pronounced and get a feel for the rhythm of the words. Listen to the male voice for the pronunciation and rhythm, and respond along with the female voice. I recommend practicing with this track at least once a day. If you have had no experience reciting Jap Jī, I believe that if you use this learning tool for this 40 Day Sadhana, that you will become comfortable enough to begin reciting it on your own.


I encourage you to read the translation of Jap Jī as often as you can. There is such incredible wisdom in these words! Although you don’t have to know the meaning to receive the benefit of the words, I find that understanding the meaning as much as I can, reflecting on it, and applying it to my life brings wonderful results. As well, the meaning of these beautiful words brings comfort and calm.

Keep the Booklet off the floor

Please keep the booklet off of the floor. After the 5th Gurū of the Sikhs, Gurū Arjan, completed his work in bringing together the writings of the Sikh Gurūs and other enlightened masters, he showed great respect to this text as a living and breathing entity. Jap Jī was the very first composition he chose to begin this sacred body of writing. He slept on the floor and gave his bed to this text, which he called the Ādī Granth. This act was a part of the consciousness that seeded the experience and awareness of these writings becoming a Living Gurū. We too can treat it with this same awareness and therefore it will come alive for us as a true aid and help in our lives, a True Gurū.

A Prayer for your Practice

As you begin your practice with Jap Jī may the loving hand of Gurū Nānak protect you from judgment and insecurity, and guide you to that place of inner love, acceptance, joy, and patience. Let these sacred words flow through you like thousands of underground rivers, nourishing every aspect of your being and giving you that life force that is every soul’s prayer, and God’s promise to deliver.

Meditation of the Soul: Jap Ji Daily Practice & Learning Tool product information

Meditation of the Soul: Jap Ji Daily Practice & Learning Tool by Snatam Kaur (Book/2CD set)

This amazing learning tool is for anyone who would like to learn Jap Ji or deepen their practice of Guru Nanak's sacred poem. It's the perfect companion for this Global Sadhana!

There are 3 full recitations of Jap Ji included with this set:

Disc One:
* Slow, Melodic recitation of Jap Ji
* Tantric style recitation of Jap Ji (alternating male-female recitation)

Disc Two:
contains an extended instructional call and response practice to help you master Jap Ji.

Experience your own enlightenment as your soul awakens in the recitation of these sacred words.

Meditation of the Soul: Jap Ji Daily Practice & Learning Tool (English) click here.

Snatam Kaur Talks About Jap Ji

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Sat Hari Singh Khalsa
Language: German


Gurudev Kaur Khalsa
Language: German


Sat Hari Kaur
Language: German


Angad Kaur
Language: Chinese


Sat Sevak Kaur
Language: Chinese


Preet Kamal Kaur
Language: Chinese


Sangeeta Kaur
Language: Chinese


Siri Sahib Singh Khalsa
Language: Portuguese


Guru Sansar Singh
Language: Spanish


Amrit Ramos
Language: Spanish


Sat Kaur Ramos
Language: Spanish


Jagat Kaur Silva
Language: Spanish

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