Start Date:  October 26, 2018
End Date: December 4, 2018
Teacher: Nirinjan Kaur

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Pran Bandha Meditation

Pavan is the air, the breath, carrier of the prana, the life force. This is God in action. This mantra increases the pranic energy and gives the experience of 'may the force be with you.'"
- Yogi Bhajan

The Aquarian Age has given us a lot of reasons to be angry, confused, irritated, stressed out, and anxious. Thankfully, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan ® has given us a variety of tools to manage these feelings.

When we feel that things are out of control, the tendency is often to try to hold tightly to the things that we hold dear - our identity, our emotions, and all that is important to us in this time and space. But this finite identity is limiting, and does not allow us to experience our infinite selves.

Yogi Bhajan said that if you practice this meditation perfectly, you are able to experience deathlessness. You are able to easily let go of your attachments, and surrender to the Universal creative energy, allowing this energy to flow to and through you. You become limitless - infinite.


Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and light jalandhar bandh.


Eyes are rolled up slightly. Focus at the Brow Point, imagine that there is a screen on the forehead.


Let the hands rest in the lap, right hand in the left palm. Or just sit with both hands in Gyan Mudra.


Become completely still, physically and mentally, like a calm ocean. Listen to the chant for a minute. Feel its rhythm in every cell. Then join in, chanting the mantra.


11-31 minutes.

About this mantra

"Whoever recites this mantra becomes absolutely divine, God in action. This mantra increases the pranic energy. There is no better healing than this."
- Yogi Bhajan

Complete Mantra

Pavan Pavan Pavan Pavan
Par Para Pavan Guru
Pavan Guru Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru Pavan Guru


Pavan - The Divine Breath
Par Para - From Beyond the Beyond
Pavan Guru - Breath is the Guru
Wahe Guru - The Experience of the Divine

The Pran Bandha Mantra is the combination of sounds that collects, binds and commands the prana (Life Force). Pavan is the air, the breath, the carrier of the prana.

This mantra is like a portal to your infinity. It merges you with the limitless abundance of prana and life. It creates a flow between your magnetic field and the magnetic field of the Universe - the energy that we call consciousness.


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