Attracting the Blessings of Love

Start Date: 14th February
End Date: 24th February
Teacher: Ramdesh Kaur

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Join us for 11 days of the Sopurkh recitation starting on Valentine's Day! Create greater harmony in relationships, clear the karma of past relationships, and call your divine love to you!

Mantra: So Purkh

Complete Mantra:Raag aasaa mehela chauthaa So Purkh.
Ik ong kar sat gur parsaad. so purakh niranjan har purakh niranjan har agmaa agam apaaraa. sabh dhi-aavahi sabh dhi-aavahi tudh jee har sachay sirjanhaaraa. sabh jee-a tumaaray jee tooN jee-aa kaa daataaraa. har dhi-aavahu santahu jee sabh dookh visaaranhaaraa. har aapay thaakur har aapay sayvak jee ki-aa naanak jant vichaaraa. ||1||

tooN ghat ghat antar sarab nirantar jee har ayko purakh samaanaa. ik daatay ik bhaykhaaree jee sabh tayray choj vidaanaa. tooN aapay daataa aapay bhugtaa jee ha-o tudh bin avar na jaanaa. tooN paarbarahm bay-ant bay-ant jee tayray ki-aa gun aakh vakhaanaa. jo sayveh jo sayveh tudh jee jan naanak tinh kurbaanaa. ||2||

har dhi-aavahi har dhi-aavahi tudh jee say jan jug meh sukh vaasee. say mukat say mukat bha-ay jinh har dhi-aa-i-aa jee-o tin tootee jam kee faasee. jin nirbha-o jinh har nirbha-o dhi-aa-i-aa jee-o tin kaa bha-o sabh gavaasee. jinh sayvi-aa jinh sayvi-aa mayraa har jee-o tay har har roop samaasee. say dhan say dhan jin har dhi-aa-i-aa jee-o jan naanak tin bal jaasee. ||3||

 tayree bhagat tayree bhagat bhandaar jee bharay bay-ant bay-antaa. tayray bhagat tayray bhagat salaahan tudh jee har anik anayk anantaa. tayree anik tayree anik karahi har poojaa jee tap taapeh jaapeh bay-antaa. tayray anayk tayray anayk parheh baho simrit saasat jee kar kiri-aa khat karam karantaa. say bhagat say bhagat bhalay jan naanak jee jo bhaaveh mayray har bhagvantaa. ||4||

toon aad purakh aprampar kartaa jee tudh jayvad avar na ko-ee. toon jug jug ayko sadaa sadaa toon ayko jee toon nihchal kartaa so-ee. tudh aapay bhaavai so-ee vartai jee toon aapay karahi so ho-ee. tudh aapay sarisat sabh upaa-ee jee tudh aapay siraj sabh go-ee. jan naanak gun gaavai kartay kay jee jo sabhsai kaa jaano-ee. ||5||2||

Translation: That Lord is Immaculate; the Lord God is Immaculate. The Lord is Unapproachable, Unfathomable and Incomparable. All meditate, all meditate on You, O Dear Lord, O True Creator. All beings are Yours; You are the Giver of all beings. So meditate on the Lord, O Saints; He is the One who takes away all pain. The Lord Himself is the Master, and He Himself is His own servant. O Nanak, how insignificant are mortal beings! ||1|| Read More

More Information: This bani, So Purkh, creates a sacred space in which grace prevails so as to allow the greatness of the sould to come forth. It was written by Guru Ram Das, whose vibration exists holding a state of grace and love that heals all realms of the heart and being. The Siri Singh SAhib, Yogi Bhajan, taught that if a woman recites this bani eleven times a day for any man, it has the power to make him a saint and dissolve any negativity between them. He would often give this as a sadhana to women for the men in their lives. So Purkh is a part of Rehiraas, the evening prayer of the sikhs.

"Woman is the molder of time, the molder of space and of man: the man of tomorrow, the child; the man of today, the husband, and the men of yesterday, the ancestors. The entire society in theory and in reality is based on teh spirit of the woman." ----Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan said if a woman recites this bani 11 times a day for any man, it has the power to make him a saint and dissolve any negativity between them.

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So Purkh
So Purkh
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