A Grateful Heart

Start Date:  January 29, 2019
End Date: March 9, 2019
Teacher: Dr. Ramdesh Kaur

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A Cup of Prayer

This meditation is an incredible practice for learning to pray and give thanks. So many of us struggle asking for help from the Divine, and therefore are not able to receive what is being offered. The more we practice prayer, the easier it becomes. There is really no need for it to be hard. The mind wants to make it difficult - but as you will see with this meditation, the simplest prayers are often the most powerful. As we pray, it’s crucial that we remember to give thanks for all that we already have. Gratitude is such an important aspect of authentic living - and with practice, we can effortlessly slip into the loving space of gratitude, even during the most difficult times.

1. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

2. Form a cup with your hands and hold them 6 inches in front of your heart center. The sides of the Mercury fingers (pinkies) and the edges of the hands are touching. Keep your elbows relaxed by your sides.

3. Breathe normally throughout the meditation.

4. Make no effort to control your eyelids or eyelashes. Keep them totally relaxed.

5. Throughout the meditation, be mindful of continuously straightening and lengthening your spine.

6. Continue for 3 minutes. As you meditate, feel that blessings from the Universe are flowing into your cupped hands. Allow yourself to be swept up into this space of total grace, feeling grateful for the blessings you are offered.

7. To End: Inhale deeply and completely exhale.

Guided Meditation For Gratitude

by Dr. Ramdesh Kaur

For this part of the Global Sadhana, you may sit comfortably with your hands resting on your knees, or simply lay down on your back and get cozy. This guided meditation is not part of the Kundalini Yoga tradition, and there are no “rules” for how you choose to listen to and experience this for yourself.

We do recommend, however, that you maintain a sense of alertness. If your mind begins to wander, gently direct it back to the meditation. Hear the words, feel them in your entire body, give yourself the opportunity to bathe in gratitude at a cellular level. There can be a tendency to lose focus during guided meditations - it’s best to be relaxed, yet alert and aware, and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Journaling Your Gratitude

Keeping a gratitude journal is highly recommended - not just for this 40 day sadhana, but throughout your life. It’s wonderful to keep your mind focused on all of the blessings that you have. As you focus on these blessings, giving thanks for the abundance in your life, you attract even more delicious goodness into your life to be grateful for.

If you don’t happen to have a gratitude journal, it’s something you may consider investing in. But journaling your gratitude can be done in all kinds of ways! Perhaps you would like to write down one thing every day on a post-it, and keep it in a jar, reviewing your blessings whenever you need a pick-me-up. Feel free to get creative with your gratitude!

There are no rules to this gratitude practice. Do what works for you! Consistency is recommended...and for this sadhana, writing down what you are grateful for after your meditation would be a really beautiful way to integrate the expansive, joyous gratitude into your body, mind and spirit.

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