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Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari

This is a mantra for challenging times. It is a mantra to help us find a sense of security from within ourselves. Gobinda is a name for the Divine that focuses on the energy of sustaining, keeping us alive, healthy, and sustained. Hari is a name for the Divine that focuses on the flow of energy. This mantra is also used to clear and purify the mind, focusing on moving the energy through the mind to clean out our negative baggage.

When you chant this mantra, you are saying “I need help, support me, sustain me and turn me into the flow of divine, of good, of healing.” This is critical in challenging times, when we are called on more and more to hold a space of love, healing, and transformative change.

Gobinda Hari also allows us to heal ourselves and feel security in a deep place in ourselves through a connection with the knowing that God is a sustaining and healing force at the center of our own hearts.

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Mantra for Feeling Safe with Your Self: Gobinda Hari

Too often we develop an idea of ourselves that we forget to update. We give ourselves and our lives labels…what we do, who we are…and treat them as if they are static and stable. But the leaves on the tree of our hearts, grown from the roots of our karma, change color and fall to the Earth in one last, glorious dance. Our hearts are microcosms of the beautiful world that surrounds us.......



Today's Gift of Gratitude is

'Angels' Waltz (Gobinda Hari)'

by Sada Sat Kaur

from the album 'Angel's Waltz'

You will come across ancient chants on this album, chants performed in the centuries-old language of Gurmukhi, but you'll also pick up traces of Sada Sat's childhood and college years, a time when she was immersed in bluegrass and folk. One day in the studio she leaned over to her producer, Jeremy Toback, and said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I really like country music." Voila, Toback brought in roots-music virtuoso Greg Leisz, who has graced recordings by everyone from Joni Mitchell to Lucinda Williams to Wilco, and who can be heard here exploring the astral plane on banjo, pedal steel, lap steel, and dobro. Twang chant? Hey, maybe the Ganges and the Mississippi aren't so far apart, after all. Sada Sat Kaur's voice has a way of simultaneously calming and invigorating you, and that makes sense, too. "One thing that I love about Kundalini yoga chants is that they're not only bhakti energy, which is devotional, but they're shakti, which is the power," she says. "They're juicy. They're gutsy." Doing yoga is not necessarily a prerequisite for appreciating it, either. For anyone who feels bombarded by noise, stress, and distraction at every corner-and isn't that the habitual plight of the 21st-century humanoid?-the chants of Sada Sat Kaur act as something of a sonic antidote.

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