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The Tenth Pauri of Japji Sahib

“The Tenth Paurī grants grace.”

– from the Teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

Continuing to share the power of Japji Sahib with the tenth pauri, we invite you to tune in to the power of the naad yoga, the sound current, contained in this pauri's recitation.

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Japji Sahib 10th Pauri

suṉi-ai sat(u) santokh(u) gi-ān(u).

Listening–truth, contentment and spiritual wisdom.

suṉi-ai aṯhsaṯh(i) kā isanān(u).

Listening–take your cleansing bath at the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage.

suṉi-ai paṟ(i) paṟ(i) pāvahe mān(u).

Listening–reading and reciting, honor is obtained.

suṉi-ai lāgai sahaj(i) dhi-ān(u).

Listening–intuitively grasp the essence of meditation.

nānak bhagatā sadā vigās(u).

O Nānak, the devotees are for ever in bliss.

suṉi-ai dūkh pāp kā nās (u). ||10||

Listening–pain and sin are erased. ||10||

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The Tenth Pauri of Japji Sahib

Reflections from Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa

The Tenth Paurī grants grace. Grace is the unexpected gift, which perhaps you have not even earned. Grace is entirely born out of the kindness and compassion of the Gurū. It is the overflowing love of Gurū. It is freely given forgiveness.

Resting in the security that you are cared for and loved and that you have been granted the grace to sit in the presence of your Gurū, your highest awareness infinitely multiplied, listen to and experience Truth, Contentment and Knowledge. Listen and submerge your Self in the holy waters of all the 68 places of pilgrimage, the holy places where countless saints have bathed leaving the whispered and delicate sound of their prayer....


Mantra for Grace:

Suniai Sat Santokh (The 10th Pauri of Japji)

by Dr. Ramdesh

I once saw a young girl, maybe eight or nine years old, on the side of the road in India. Covered in rags and filth, half-starving, hair matted with the pollution and dust of the slum she lived in, she approached a crying Western tourist to offer her a flower.

The stunning grace with which this young girl, who had none of the advantages or securities of the Western woman on holiday, comforted and consoled a perfect stranger was beyond humbling. It was like looking at the face of God...


Thu, Aug 15 - Sun, Aug 18, 2019

Sat Nam Foundation Farm - Sugar Hill, NH

To truly understand who we are and what our inner light needs to shine its brightest, we must learn to use the gifts of nature at our fingertips to return back to our own true nature.

Join Sukhdev and Akah for this powerful retreat at the Sat Nam Foundation Farm and Retreat in Sugar Hill, NH. On this sacred land, we will wake up in the morning and do sadhana, we will walk out into the fields and pick fresh organic produce to add to our meals, we will learn the power of chanting mantras while we touch the earth, we will walk through the forests and feel our soul connection to the trees. We will learn how to take the tools of Kundalini Yoga and the power of the earth and the sky to manifest in ourselves the vision of who we want to be.


Friday Gift Of Gratitude

Today's Gift of Gratitude is


by Matthew Schoening and Nirinjan Kaur

"To The Heart" is an ocean of musical mastery intricately created by Matthew Schoening and Nirinjan Kaur. Weaving potent and profound compositions sung in English with inspiring sacred Gurmukhi mantras, they have achieved a fine balance that reminds the listener of the exquisite beauty that exists in all parts of life— from joy to tears, fear to triumph. This duo embraces us in a sea of musical hope which will soften every heart.

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In Japji, Guru Nanak gave you guidance, telling you the way he found liberation: ‘In the ambrosial hour, meditate on the True Identity. Your karma will be covered and you will see the door of liberation.'” – Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan shared with us a wealth of teachings on how reciting Jap Ji can support you in many aspects of your life. Click through below to see the emails we've shared for Pauris 1-10 and stay tuned for more of the incredible power of Jap Ji.

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