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4 responses to “Pregnancy Yoga with Gurmukh”

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  2. Stephanie

    Hi Sat Nam Singh, This was an oral story told during the Khalsa Way Teacher training. I cannot remember which particular teacher said it as the course has several teachers. I’m happy you are interested in spiritual pregnancy! XO Stephanie

  3. Sat Nam Singh

    Sat Nam, Please recommend the book or lecture where I can find the exact quotation from Gurmukh Kaur or Yogi Bhajan on point 3. “Yogi Bhajan advised NOT conceiving on an eclipse (as he did) because the child could be off-kilter.”

  4. Deena H Blumenfeld

    This is a beautiful way to sum up our teacher training. I completed my Khalsa Way training in Feb 2009, at 32 weeks pregnant with baby #2. My second birth was vastly different than my first and I am grateful for my training. I now teach a number of Khalsa Way classes and I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator as well. I am grateful to Gurmukh, Akal, and all the others who spread the good word.

    Sat Nam.

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