Liz started practicing yoga on a whim, and hasn’t looked back since. Although she enjoys the physical practice, her first love will always be mantra and yoga music. When not doing yoga, she can be found dancing, reading, or enjoying a good cup of tea.

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4 responses to “Kundalini Yoga “Last Meditation” for Removing Stress and Negativity”

  1. Yoga Relief for Anger and other “Negative Emotions”, followed by Chai | Asana Alphabet Blog

    […] “The Last Meditation” made several of us laugh as we tried to chant Wahe guru/wahe guru/wahe guru/wahe jio several times in one breath AND we finished with a meditation to make the impossible possible (check back in a few days…we will update this with a link to the mantra we used so you can do an 11 minute meditation with a voice recording). […]

  2. Karen

    Thanks, Liz – I will do :)

  3. Karen

    “If your breath cannot sustain 8 repetitions of the mantra, approximately 60 seconds, stop chanting and start again at the beginning of the next cycle.”

    So, to clarify, each cycle is 60 seconds; so if my breath sustains 4 repetitions, I do them, then wait to the end of the 60 seconds and start again? Rigging my timer to 11 repetitions of 60 seconds would allow me to do this.

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