Yogi Amandeep Singh, a counselor by profession, is also a scholar with Kundalini Research Institute set up by Yogi Bhajan. He holds a B.Sc. in Information System and Software Engineering, M.Sc in Counseling and MA in Comparative Studies of World Religions. Trained in both the Nirmala Sikh Tradition of Guru Gobind Singh and the Udasi Sikh Tradition of Baba Sri Chand he is also a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Professional Teacher Trainer, Spiritual Healer and Teacher of Eastern Spirituality. He has done much research of Kundalini Yoga’s history, philosophy and its lineages. Inspired by the teachings of his master, Yogi Bhajan, he travels around the globe sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga & Sikh Dharma. His sessions guide participants though an experience of physical and psychological release.

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Special Guest: Amandeep Singh Thursday, January 26, 2012




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Yogi Amandeep Singh

  • Amandeep is a very talented teacher. I gained tremendously from his yoga classes while in Singapore.

    -- Gurpreet
  • beauty that touches so deep within

    -- ~ Sandra
  • I have been fortunate enough to attend Amandeep's classes in Singapore. His way provides peace and tranquility.

    -- Gurpreet Singh Bhatia
  • Beautiful rendition!

    -- Gurpreet Singh Bhatia
  • These chants are stunning, and the Naad is utterly engaging. It transports you right into Baba Siri Chand's protective vibration. Wahe guru!

    -- Ram Das K Latulippehttp://adishaktyogcentre.com
  • The first chant on this CD is excellent! Great meditative version of Aad Such.. Nice to drive with.. Keeps you awake, but meditative

    -- Gurunam Singhhttp://gurunamsingh.com
  • Amandeep Singh ji with his couch is unmatchable...he is a natural at it and it makes the class more blissful and focused .We all wish him a lot of success in his endeavors.

    -- Akalsukh Kaur
  • he is amazing, bringing all together,uniting all preching the true dharam of guru nanak sahib

    -- jatin arora
  • He is amazing, I took his course in beautiful Millis, Massachusetts at Guru Ram Das Ashram and Baba Siri Chand Yoga Center. He presents information in such an accessable and clear way. He has clearly done a ton of research in this area. All the participants agreed that the meditations he shared were some of the most powerful we had ever experienced. He is gifted as a teacher, so kind and passionate about sharing what he has learned.

    -- Siri Devta Kaur Khalsahttp://www.theveggiegourmet.com
  • Yogi Amandeep Singh is doing the exceptional practical work to revive the age old Udasi Sikh Tradition of Baba Sri Chand ji and preaching Guru Nanak Dev Ji message of real Yog glogally.

    -- Dr.Ranbir Singh Josanhttp://www.josanholistichospital.com/