White Sun is a Los Angeles-based band comprised of two yogis and an Award-Winning Composer.

Lead Vocalist Gurujas, who began singing professionally at the age of 11 in the Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Chorus, has a unique and broad vocal range. Her voice has been called a tonic, a truly unique presentation of uncommon skill with a penetrating, subtle vibrato and dynamic attack.

The album is produced by two-time Emmy-Award winner and nine-time Emmy-Award nominated composer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Berry, who is also a BMI Award winner (Comedy Central’s “South Park,” HBO “Sarah Silverman,” Dreamworks “The Penguins of Madagascar,” Nickelodeon “Monsters VS. Aliens”).

Gong player Harijiwan has been teaching yoga since 1975. For many years Harijiwan directly served his teacher, Yogi Bhajan, while traveling the world extensively with him. The opportunity to study with and observe a living master, provided him invaluable insight into the nature of consciousness and the human condition, as well as a thorough understanding of the impact, interplay and significance of the various planetary and inter-planetary energy fields. It is with this knowledge that Harijiwan learned to harness the subtle sound of the Gong to increase the human capacity for happiness.




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White Sun

  • White Sun II is so divine, Gurujas' vocals are just heavenly. My favorite track is Ik Ardas Wahe Guru, it makes me cry every time I hear it. Really a masterpiece.

    -- Mary K
  • It is Lovely!!!!Sat Nam!

    -- Guru Atma
  • ... sunshine in my soul... beautiful!

    -- meckyhttp://www.3g-kundaliniyoga.com
  • Love love love your music White Sun! Thank you.

    -- Fateh Kaur
  • White Sun is my favorite band! I play their debut album in my home 24 hours a day everyday. It stimulates my mind in such a specific way that I experience my birthright which is happiness. White Sun has put a tremendous amount of effort to create this aquarian sound. Looking forward to more from White Sun!

    -- Jaskaram Khalsa
  • My favorite album of the year! What an awesome album that takes you from the heaven''s twinkling sounds of the stars of "Ammatay" to the danceable beats of "Rakhe Rakhanhar" to the powerful voices of the "Ardas Choir"! Perfectly balanced -the angelic voice of Gurujas set to the lush soundscape of instruments including the mystical gong. Hypnotic yet stimulating. Easily listened to all day long. 5 STARS!

    -- Dr. Haridass Kaurhttp://www.infinitegoddess.com
  • What a beautiful debut album! It''s so different than anything I''ve ever heard before, and takes you on a magical musical journey. Highly recommend.

    -- Santosh