Trevor Pritam Hari Singh Eller is known as an outstanding guitarist in the Kundalini yoga community.  He has co written and recorded with Gurunam Singh on Spirit Voyage albums Silent Moonlight Meditation and Crimson Sadhana.  Touring has brought him to play at the first Spirit Fest and Bhakti Fest.  He has toured with Gurunam Singh, Simrit Kaur and Sat Kiran Kaur.  He has shared the stage with Tina Malia, Jai-Jagdeesh, Snatam Kaur, Guru Ganesha and many other devoted kirtan leaders.

Pritam Hari enjoys the good company found in many different Bhakti Yoga communities.  Anywhere the Divine Names are chanted you may find him, serving the music or doing the dishes.  He views kirtan as his seva.  As a trained musicians he feels it is his dharma and good fortune to share melodies in support of the Sacred Naam.  Residing in Ann Arbor Michigan he leads Full Moon Kirtans for charity and enjoys sharing in the diverse community of bhakti yogis in Michigan.  While not working on sacred music he teaches guitar, mandolin and yoga.  He also is a gifted massage therapist and has his own bodywork practice.  




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Trevor Pritam Hari Eller

  • He is very good Thank you Sat Nam

    -- Lesley Shead
  • Really amjoying to dance to

    -- Cynthia Negrete
  • Clearly the Soul of Spirit Voyage..intensely, and beautifully amazing.. thankyou!

    -- Lee