Tony Khalife’s unique synthesis of Bhava with the refined expression of a master musician who has devoted his life and music to raising the world’s vibration is a kundalini raising experience. His voice reaches from the depth of his history and spiritual evolution and permeates the heart with unconditional love.

His melodic and precise incantation of the ancient Vedic sacred texts resonate into the body’s Atman-self and enhances the Bhava, luring the mind away from constant chatter and self-defeating thoughts.

Khalife’s spiritual journey began in the remote hillside of Lebanon’s monasteries where he took refuge as a teenager during the civil war and the fall of the militias that devastated his country.There he found solace in the spiritual expression of music, singing and chanting ancient Aramaic hymns of devotion.

Tony received the Diksha initiation at the age of twenty-one from his Guru Sant Keshavadas, one of the greatest singing saints of India, he joined the Vishwa Shanti Ashram (Temple of World Peace) where he learned Sanskrit and hundreds of Abhangas (the indestructible songs of saints), Bhajans, Kirtans, Dhuns and began performing Puja (ancient Vedic rituals in Sanskrit.) He spent seven years studying with Keshavadas,, offering daily Pujas and retreats while also studying Tabla with world-renowned master Zakir Hussain.

Tony spent one year in India on pilgrimage, singing and chanting with the Sadhus and Bhaktas at sacred places from Vishwadhar to Pandharapur. He attended the sacred festival of Ekadashi in Alandhi where hundred of thousand of singing devotees march from the capital singing and dancing. Tony sang at the shrine of the ever-living master Sant Jnaneshvar and received blessings from all the contemporary saints.

"Tony Khalife is a shining jewel on the musical landscape who is able to convey the true gift of music – healing through the expression of truth, beauty and love. I soulfully recommend Tony's music, his classes, and workshops on sacred singing, mantras and devotional music."

Saul David Raye

“Tony's music transports you to a place beyond reason, full of beauty and saturated with spirit.”

-Hala Khouri




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Tony Khalife