Feeling good, diving deep into the Self, goosebumps, being touched – when the ancient mantras sound through the voices and music of the Love Keys it opens wide spaces. You can feel the devotion skin deep while being carried on a current of healing sounds. Aleah’s voice is like a crystal clear mountain stream, carrying you gently sometimes, other times invigoratingly powerful, while Ben creates sound scapes on guitar, piano, udu and cajon to take off with. Intoxicating, grounding and uplifting at the same time.

The Love Keys give about 140 Kirtans every year, traveling throughout Europe. The past two years they toured with the US Kirtan Duo “Shantala” (Heather & Benjy Wertheimer) and US Kundalini Yoga singer Jai-Jagdeesh.To experience them live is refreshing and heart-opening. The atmosphere of their Kirtans range from dreamy calm to ecstatically wild. Kirtan is a feast for the soul, in which through the singing of the holy names a state of higher consciousness and bliss is being experienced.





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The Love Keys