Tarn Taran Singh

My wife and I were hippies, escaping the winter and on our way to Mexico when were drawn to a Full Moon Feast at Mahan Deva Ashram in Tucson, Arizona. In search of conscious community, we moved in and shortly after met Yogi Bhajan who asked us to move to Amsterdam to support the first ashram on the European continent. A few years later we moved to Hamburg, Germany where we established Guru Ram Das Ashram, learned German, opened a Golden Temple Restaurant, started the Yogi Tea business and the first European Kundalini Yoga Teacher training program. After twenty years the Berlin Wall came down, and Yogi Bhajan sent me to Eugene, Oregon to work at our natural foods factory. Snatam Kaur was also working there and we began to sing in Sadhana together. Then just before I left to return to Amsterdam to work for Yogi Tea in Europe, we recorded the CD, Amrit Vela. Back in Europe my dear friends the Guru Das Singh and Kaur (both wonderful musicians) invited me to Barcelona and helped me record my first solo CD, Mantras of Prayer. As part of my job with Yogi Tea I would travel to Italy on a regular basis to visit our tea packing factory there. I would always stop in Rome and there I met Saribjit Singh, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and very talented musician. We began a musical partnership that continues to this day. Whenever I was in Rome we would find time to record. We started in a garage, but have recorded in studio in an ancient basement near the Colosseum, as well as in his parent’s living room, the bathroom of his girlfriend’s apartment, and, well I can’t remember all the locations. While I was living in Europe we recorded a CD a year, including Peace in My Heart, Mantras & Miracles (Bringing Heaven to Earth), Ik Ardas and Soul Bride. In 2006, after Yogi Bhajan’s passing, I moved to Espanola, New Mexico to join the KRI team. At KRI I have worked as the International Director of the Aquarian Teacher Training program, which has brought these remarkable teachings now to over 50 countries around the globe. As part of my job I have had to pleasure to travel the world and meet Kundalini yogis in from many countries and cultures. While I continue to sing, it has been a challenge to continue recording. But every time I pass through Rome, Saribjit and I still find some time to record. Three years ago we had a new CD ready, then on the day before he was going to send the master to the production company, his house was burgled and the hard drive with the only copy of the CD was stolen. It seemed to me the Universe was telling me there were enough Tarn Taran Singh mantras out there already, so we began a new project with a few mantras but also some of the songs I have been writing over the years, but never recorded. So the new CD, Life Embraced, is finally here! It was a long time coming, but the journey was worth it. Hope you like it. And I look forward to starting work with Saribjit on some more songs next time I am in Rome.




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Tarn Taran Singh

  • Sat Nam Tarn Taran Singh, thank you for another fine CD. It is like coming home. Best wishes your longterm student Hari Simran Kaur Hamburg

    -- Ulrike Reinhard
  • Gorgeous warm, rich voice. I usually only listen to female singers. Here's an exception!

    -- Bonnie Barnes
  • I love his music. I've been using Har Haray Haree for a daily meditation and it is incredible. Thank you for offering a free song from this uplifting, enlightening soul brother!!

    -- Amar Atma Kaur
  • Me gusto mucho este tema, por lo general casi toda la musica que ustedes tienen es muuuy linda...Felicidades de corazón!!!

    -- Iris Valdés