Sukha is based in Los Angeles and has performed at several hundred shows, concerts and Kundalini Yoga classes and continues to perform weekly in Los Angeles and beyond.  Most of the classes led by singer/songwriter and Kundalini Yoga teacher Sukhmani.  She and her husband, Sukhman, have been playing and performing music their whole lives in a variety of genres and met while she was attending Berklee College of Music in Boston in the late 1990’s.  They have been playing music together ever since.  They fell in love with the power of mantra, yoga and the sound current and the rest is history.  This album is dedicated to all of the artists that have changed their perception of the world and made it a better place. 





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  • This is my favorite band in Kundalini. Their music is divine. I saw them live and even more amazing.

    -- Jeremy Johnston
  • Sukha has created a beautiful, eclectic sound combined with powerful mantra. So many interesting rhythms, and musical styles, along with the both earthy and uplifting sound of Sukhmanis' voice. There are tracks to inspire movement and others that evoke a mediative mood. Great musical compositions and a great sound for body, mind and spirit!

    -- Kristin Faivre
  • "Together, Sukha emanates powerful energy, asking us to gather around the sacred fire of transcendence." LA Yoga Magazine

    -- FeliciaTomasko
  • Rise is the second album by Sukha (the Sanskrit word for bliss), formed by Sukhmani Kaur and Sukhman Singh five years ago here in L.A. The lush production and layered instruments of the eight tracks may not mesh perfectly with your morning sun salutation—except for the final song, “Mul Mantra”—but it’s a perfect fit for anything you do after that. Impressive guitar work by Singh elevates songs like “Humee Hum” and “Wah Yantee,” while Kaur’s vocals shine on “Gobinday Mukhanday.” Violin and percussion work, from Kenneth Oberholtzer and Tripp Dudley, respectively, are top-notch, while Eliza Shah’s vocals add to the rousing sounds. Appropriately titled, Rise never flags in its efforts to get the listener up and moving, appreciative and ready for the day or night ahead. With a stirring crescendo, the title track—like much of the album—will get you motivated in a way a latté never could.

    -- Whole Life Times Magazine
  • This team of authentic musicians captured my heart from day one. Their music is so pure that you feel the love instantly! they have truly "risen" to the occasion!!! My favorite by the way

    -- Lisa Vitta
  • Sukha offers mystical Kundalini Yoga mantras focus on the Root Chakra imbued with magnificent creative energy and delightful versatility. A must have for all Kundalini lovers! I am enchanted and uplifted each time the tunes reach my ears.

    -- Silvia Pelusohttp://
  • Amazing album, deep, fun, unique...beautiful vocals!

    -- Stacey Simmons
  • This is an amazing album. Love it. Harmonies, arrangement is so soothing and wonderful for meditation or just to listen.

    -- Robin Lambert
  • I Love this band, both as people and artists. Their Music is inspired and impactful. Much Love, <3

    -- Kara