Spirit Voyage Artists

The Yoga Living Series contains music from Spirit Voyage Artists. We have been blessed to find artists with pure authenticity and a deeply spiritual connection with their music. This allows us to share music with the world that not only comes from exceptional talent, but also has pure intention and a deep and abiding connection to the spirit. These artists represent a spiritual integrity, not just in their music, but in their actions and their projection. Whatever spiritual path their music is born from, it represents their inner core. The music is a manifestation of a deep spiritual practice. 





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Spirit Voyage Artists

  • Made my Friday, thank you. such up lifting, sweet music for my soul.

    -- Mary Anne Travis
  • Is a beautifull job...bless you

    -- siri kartar kaur
  • Hi, All of you are just GREAT and God-sent. Continue with your wonderful work. You are gifts from the Divine. Thanks

    -- Siaw
  • Absolutely wonderful for meditating

    -- Blue Lavender
  • wonderful music

    -- ttito