Siri Ved Kaur first learned about yogic cooking at the side of her spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, starting in 1971, when he invited her into his household to cook for him. During those years serving as Yogi Bhajan’s personal cook her intuitive understanding of the healing nature of food first blossomed. He guided her in the art and science of yogic food preparation, while his wife, Bibi Inderjit Kaur, trained her in the fine art of Indian cooking. After leaving this service to raise her family, she built upon her knowledge and experience, developed many new recipes, taught many courses, and published two cookbooks, Conscious Cookery in 1979 and From Vegetables with Love in 1989.

Siri Ved has completely rewritten FVWL and a new 2nd Edition, From Vegetables with Love: Recipes & Tales from a Yogi’s Kitchen, will be published in April 2015. The new edition includes over 50 new recipes, numerous updates, more in depth commentary, stories from her years serving Yogi Bhajan, and comprehensive information about yogic diet, ingredients, and cooking methods.


Siri Ved also writes a food blog, "Conscious Cookery with Siri Ved,” with new recipes, photos, and stories and “whatever’s on my plate or mind having to do with food!”


Siri Ved Kaur continues to offer courses in vegetarian cooking and the science of yogic diet, and resides in Bakersfield, California with her husband.




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Siri Ved Kaur