Siri Bahadur has been practicing Sadhana since the mid-1970’s when he was introduced to Kundalini Yoga and 3HO Organization in Dallas, TX. He has also been teaching yoga since that time, but within the last 10 years, a deeper understanding of yoga, meditation, and sound has infused his teaching and practice with a profound devotion and love of breath and the creative power of mantra. He is currently involved in delivering the Aquarian Teacher Training program in Austin, Texas and teaches regularly at Yoga Yoga LLC, as well as other studios in Austin and beyond. Music has the ability to take what we may casually hold in our consciousness and infuse it with power anddevotion, so that whatever we sing we create. The conscious creation of the descriptions of the Divine in music has led Siri Bahadur to practice and encourage others to practice vibrating as much of the body, mind, and spirit with those sounds in an effort to elevate their frequency and altitude.




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Siri Bahadur