Siri Akal Kaur is a yogi, healer, recording artist and scientist. Siri Akal has been singing for as long as she can remember, but it was only when she started to chant mantra, that she began to own her voice and her unique sound. In recent years, Siri Akal has been focusing on sharing sacred mantra, blended with her traditional celtic voice, to help people to find the power to transform their lives from within. She is passionate about combining sacred mantra with Irish music, because both traditions have touched her soul deeply. Allow Siri Akal to guide you to experience the beauty and light inside yourself, through the healing power of sound.

Siri Akal’s unique approach and style is phenomenal and takes you on a journey to find your inner self, I was transfixed from start to finish. ~ Scott, Positive Change Yoga, Scotland





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Siri Akal Kaur