Sirgun Kaur

Sirgun Kaur is an Arizona-based sacred chant artist. "The Cosmic Gift" is her first solo album of devotional chants. Her previous release a collaborative album with Sat Darshan Singh entitled "The Music With", which featured the much played track "Bliss (I Am the Light of My Soul)". Sirgun has sung back-up vocals for C.C. White, Gurunam Singh, Simrit Kaur, and can be heard singing harmonies on Satkirin Kaur Khalsa's "Good Company." A certified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, she has taught classes for children and adults across the country. Along with her job coordinating Bhakti Fest in the Spring and Fall, Sirgun is an avid blogger, and has contributed content to the Spirit Voyage Blog. 
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Special Guest: Sat Darshan Singh and Sirgun Kaur Thursday, November 17, 2011




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Sirgun Kaur

  • Love it! Very healing & happy..., much thanks. :)

    -- Kathryn Smith
  • My heart just exploded open... my love for music and pure spirit has met itself again in these lyrics. Beautiful, Sat nam. <3

    -- Monica
  • Thanks for sharing. It is a blessing to be listened every day.

    -- Meherdeep Kaur
  • The vibrational sound in resonance with me at the moment on my journey of light.I feel you profoundly.

    -- Shivani
  • Is a beautifull job...bless you

    -- siri kartar kaur
  • Devine, thanks <3

    -- Sonja
  • Wow!!!!WOW-he Guru ;-)

    -- Kaline Khalsa
  • beautiful how she sings MA

    -- Barbara
  • Just beautiful and wonderful. Thank you.

    -- Siaw
  • So beautiful! Thank you!

    -- astaras
  • excellent

    -- Yaroslava
  • Like her voice, clear, spiritual. Great start to the morning and peace for the whole day.

    -- Dalyla Sarlo
  • Sirgun Kaur I adore the new CD you are so talented and your ability to lift us to a higher space is a gift. Thank you!

    -- Jillian Lauren Lisitano
  • Sirgun,s music is radiant and her voice is like pure silk.

    -- Jerry
  • She has a very special talent which radiates in her music

    -- Jerry
  • She has a very special talent which radiates in her music

    -- Jerry Singer
  • Wonderful songs, beautiful voice ...very talented woman

    -- Dave Walters
  • So silky, clear and seemingly effortless singing voice...praise to the giver and taker, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru

    -- Shaun
  • Beautiful

    -- Sue Thody
  • First listen and I am sold! Beautiful voice, spirit and musical arrangement!

    -- Anne Christine Townend-Duffey
  • Very beautiful album - Sirgun Kaur is a gift!

    -- Gurufateh
  • Tips is my second cd of Sirgun. Kaur and I love how she arranges her music! Her voice is spectacular and she has a way of helping me speak my own voice in chanting! My husband and I play music in the closet, and we love to play all of her songs, I feel the spirit connect! I listen to the cosmic gift every morning durning my chores for a couple hours! That says it all!

    -- Dani Milly
  • Sat Nam. I feel blessed to have purchased your album. Sirgun has such an angelic and uplifting voice. I enjoy listening to it in my own practice as well as my classes. I would certainly recommend this album to anyone with good taste. :o)

    -- Chrissy
  • I love your album, I play it when I teach. Thank you for your divine sound and talent.

    -- Chrissy
  • I love her new album The Cosmic Gift! Well worth the wait!

    -- Cathy A
  • Thank You !!! Angelical Voice !

    -- Sajah Singh
  • I loved the free download I received of Aakhan Jor via FB. Haven't stopped playing it. Om Namah Shivaya !

    -- Patricia Wylie
  • A beautiful, sweet voice.

    -- Lori
  • clear cleane voice,enchanting me.

    -- dr.jagjit singh ahluwalia
  • AMAZING ! Ranks right up there in the angelic vocal artists range. Brought to tears and bliss all at the time !!!

    -- Tara
  • I saw Sirgun for the first time at Bhakti Fest Spring OMmersion. She has a truly beautiful energy and an angelic voice.

    -- Rasana
  • Sirgun has a lovely, sweet, honest voice!

    -- Siri Kirin Kaur
  • Sirgun's voice is so honest and the tone is inviting and unique. She is truly a blessing.

    -- christina newman