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Singh KaurSingh Kaur is also known as Lorellei and Laura Drew. She is a composer and singer. Singh Kaur was intoduced to the magic of music at the age of five. At age 14, she bought her first guitar and has been composing and arranging ever since. She spent some time in a yoga ashram studying ancient spiritual teachings and writing music to complement sacred texts. She joined Soundings of The Planet to produce her first Billboard-charting album, Instruments of Peace (1988). Her music reached a wide audience through the hugely popular Crimson Series albums recorded with Kim Robertson.

For Singh Kaur, it has always been music that has surpassed individual accomplishment. Her lyric creations complement the feelings of love of a woman to her lover; love of a mother for her children; and a spiritual seeker to the source of her inspiration.




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Singh Kaur

  • This album has meant so much to me--the first time I ever heard Sikh mantra. The moment I heard it in a store, my heart opened. Many hours of listening and heart-opening later, I need a new copy.

    -- Milree Keeling
  • Just heavenly! I cried when I found out she passed at such a young age!

    -- Dharmatma Kaur
  • I absolutely love her music.

    -- D. Holen
  • Singh Kaur was the "first famous" KY musician. She worked closely with Yogi Bhajan and this melody was composed by them together in an airport. I personally was in YB's class (he was alive) in LA at the exact moment she left her body. Satsimran announced it from the back of the room, as they had been on the phone to wait for it, and then YB closed his eyes and said "now see Singh Kaur's soul." Her contribution was priceless. This recording is my all-time favorite. (Snatam was often referred to as the next Singh Kaur) Singh Kaur always played live at Summer Solstices at YB's famous request/command to her, "sing Singh Kaur." I always believed YB liberated her at that LA class. Her work is priceless.

    -- Satya Amrit
  • Her music and voice was my introduction to KY - I just love her voice, have all her recordings and for me she will always be the best.. big hug to the other side, Singh Kaur!

    -- Amrit Kaur
  • She departed too soon,yet her love,emotion and music linger on in our hearts .

    -- kulwantkaur khalsa
  • you should also carry her last album, This Universe, created in the last few months of her life. It is the culmination of what she wanted to convey.

    -- Shakta khalsa
  • I bought her whole collection of Crimson because I knew the harp music of Kim Robertson was so beautiful and then discovered the voice of Singh Kaur in the early nineties .I am so glad I bought all these cds at once as over the years I have returned again and again to these precious artists' music .Only recently did I hear Singh Kaur was in spirit and so again I returned to her music and was enchanted all over again and dicovered more of her recordings as Lorellei.There are no words to really describe their beauty just listen and love them.

    -- Janice cooleyhttp://n/a
  • I like very much the item with her beautifull voice

    -- Cristina Morales
  • i went to white tantric yoga and heard this and i loved it so much. it disappeared with the day, but returned about a week later and i tracked it down. now i would like to have it in my collection!

    -- cassie arnold
  • The best!!!

    -- Jules
  • I have, I believe, all the music she made and was sold by 3HO outlets. I even managed to get a video of her last ever public performance at a Gurdwara, when she was sick. I wish I was older, richer and medically trained enough to help her, but I was 16 and could offer nothing but prayers for her and hope they could provide relief for her suffering. Even today I think of this inspirational person and thank her for what I recieved, spiritually due to her heart rendering recitals of mantras and songs.

    -- Gurnam
  • Her voice is so beautiful and very inspiring...

    -- Celeste Salva
  • 30 years ago I purchased a cassete tape, (which I still have) of beloved Singh Kaur, heart and voice of an angel. Still my favorite!

    -- Rita Rose
  • Beautiful voice!! Beautiful music!!!

    -- Louise Vidal
  • Guru Ram Das really touches my heart, I feel moved. Beautiful and serene.

    -- Jennifer

    -- ELENA
  • I was 24 years old when I first heard Singh Kaur, ,I'm now 51 ,since that time my life has changed.. hearing Singh Kaur has awakened my soul and given me the longing for things beyond the physical. Sat Naam

    -- Philip
  • Please, please attribute ALL the Crimson recordings correctly--it's Kim Robertson and Singh Kaur.

    -- Rain Adkins
  • Dazzling, but don't forget, this is NOT just Singh Kaur's recording--it's equally Kim Robertson's (the amazing harpist.). They conceived and built the project together.

    -- Rain Adkins
  • Just beautiful. Her voice was so awesome.

    -- Nirankar kaur Khalsa
  • excellent,

    -- isabel torrent
  • This beautiful soul was one of the most amazing vocalists I have ever worked with. I had the great pleasure to co-write and co-produce Spiritus in it's pre conception during the last year of her life on the island of Maui.Her husband Kieth and Lorellei hosted me and my girlfriend Rayne in their home while we rehearsed and prepared for our "world tour" which sadly never came to pass. We parted in sadness, but I am happy that Kit Thomas helped with getting the album finalized and out to the world. I never got any credits or mention on the CD, but that's show biz! -Steven Von Linne

    -- Steven Von Linne
  • beautiful voice and music. I am trying to find out: on which cd is "Aad Guray Nameh Meditation"/or all pain and sorrows depart.

    -- Christine
  • I have listened to Singh Kaur for over 20 years and love her voice and music. Lynne

    -- Lynne
  • I was living in the Ashram of Babaji in México, year 1982, I would be waking up with her songs and going to bed with her songs and listenning to her tapes while driving to the airport everyday to my flights, she was with me most of the time, I feel happy to listen to her again and kind of sad cause we do not have her phsically with us, but as etheric as she herself was I can feel her near to me singing in my ear now, when I delight myself meditating feeling the grace and love of God through me with the help of her songs. Thanks Singh Kaur, hope to see you some time in my dreams near halloween when in the mexican tradition of the natives God grants permission to the souls who are not ghosts to visit us. I have seen them!! I will see you then. Sat Nam.

    -- Amrit Kaur Khalsa Dávila de Wagner
  • Sat Nam, I am so thrilled that I could listen to you today in the hospital. Your voice gives me and uplifted spirit in a down time. I miss all that is in involved with the practice of all of this. Especially the music and the spiritual awakening.

    -- Amrit Kaur Moore
  • An astonishing talent; one that is able to engender a spiritual connection in the willing listener. There is nobody like her. If you like Singh Kaur's music, feel free to join her Facebook page!

    -- Russ Mason
  • I absolutely love all of her music. A beautiful lady with the voice of an angel. I always feel peaceful and happy when I listen to her music. I especially love Fairy NIghtsongs. I often play this Cd when lying in bed and I feel totally at peace. Her voice is amazing.

    -- Elizabeth Lea
  • i just found out her music three days ago, I cannot stop listening it since then. I feel so tender, so connected, alive and pure when listening her music

    -- yositl
  • I will always love Singh Kaur. AND I am proud to say that I took this photo of her with her guitar. Unfortunately someone I loaned the negatives to lost them and so I am not able to replicate this.

    -- Elizabeth Sadhu
  • I got so impresed with her voice so angelical and beautiful I never heard a voice like her

    -- Marilinda Santiago
  • We were honored to work with her for a decade and helped her create more beautiful music later under the name of Lorellei. Her IMAGINE PEACE and SPIRITUS: BREATH OF LIFE were masterpieces. We have a lot of pictures and videos of her we hope to publish one day.

    -- Dudley Evenson
  • Her voice and music were amazing! Would like to know her life story from beginning to end.

    -- Michele