Among the new generation of mantra singers, she is accepted as the voice coming from heaven.

Seda Bagcan's musical life began at a very early age; when she was six, she had her first concert experience accompanying by the Ankara Radio Turkish Music Orchestra and Choir. She was seven years old when began taking piano and harmony lessons, at the same time she became a member of the Ankara Music Association’s Children’s choir. She sang at the TRT Ankara Polyphonic Youth Choir. She took part at different operettas and operas performed by the Ankara Opera and Ballet . Seda Bagcan performed with various pop and jazz orchestras and gave concerts with these groups during her university years. She auditioned for the Eurovision Song contest and ran for awards at the Kusadasi and Golden Antenna Festival of music.

After her graduation from Middle East Technical University (METU) Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering , Seda Bagcan established and managed companies on biomedical electronics engineering in Turkey and Germany, specializing in the field of producing medical diagnostics products.

Whilst looking for a remedy to a serious illness of a close relative, she was introduced to alternative and complementary medicine. She received her training as a master of reiki and healer of Reconnection and became a teacher of Signature Cell Healing, Acutonics Sound Healing and Deeksha giver. She leads national and international workshops and seminars where music and science is used for healing.

Seda Bagcan assists people in their personal development and helps them to achieve optimum health , to cure their diseases, to help them overcome their dangerous addictions, to calm their conscience and increase their awareness. Her passion of life is the trinity of 'healing, music and science'.

Since 1990 she has been practising Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga and Jivamukti Yoga, and later the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Naam Yoga. She is a yoga teacher and a performing artist who conducts yoga classes.

During her yoga performing sessions she discovered mantra music. In her albums, recorded with dedication and love, she aimed to mingle Turkish music sounds with the mantras. As result, a perfect musical compilation of Seda Bagcan has been acomplished in her first album 'Sunrise' and then the second album 'Remember'. In 2012 she realised her third album Sufi Soul Neyim; pure and deep reflection of the sufism philosophy. The lyrics of this album are written by Emrehan Halici.

She continues her new recordings in Turkey after living 11 years in Germany. Bagcan is presenting her fourth album in December 2013. All the songs that are included in her new album I AM THAT I AM are also written and composed by her as her previous albums.




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Seda Bagcan

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    -- Anli
  • Absolutely beautiful voice!

    -- Dianna Johnson
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    -- Songul A.
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  • Me encanta

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  • You are beautiful and great voice. I enjoyed. Thank you.

    -- Reyhan
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    -- Serkan
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    -- Meltem
  • Angelic!

    -- Nirankar Kaur
  • beautiful, clear voice. Especially nice musical sound with the turkish influence on sa ta na ma.

    -- Ann Aura Knight
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    -- Michelle Hager
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    -- Jose A.Acaba
  • beautiful voice. like the fusion of music.

    -- prashanti
  • Wahe Guru! So happy to see that you now have music by this artist. I discovered her on youtube but couldn't find a place to purchase her music. She has a unique voice and the Turkish influence enhances the mantras beautifully.

    -- Seva Kaur
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  • I would like to know how to pronounce her last name. Maybe a phonetic line in her bio? Love her music!

    -- Sophie Goodenough
  • Seda has a beautiful voice. Powerful voice.

    -- Corinne