Sean “1Breath” Murphy is a multi-discipline artist living in Memphis, Tennessee. He is a musician,composer, teaching artist, instrument maker, yogi, producer, nature lover, listener, explorer...

Born in Scooba, Mississippi and Raised in Memphis, he attended the University of Memphis earning a Bachelor's Degree in Music History with an emphasis on  Ethnomusicology. He was trained to play western classical and jazz on tuba; but his fascination with world cultures and music has led him to play innumerable instruments.

He has been afforded the opportunity to perform throughout the United States and Europe as well as sharing the stage with The Meters, Galactic, Robert Randolph, Paul Winter, Rebirth Brass Band, William Eaton, Rufus Thomas, and Clyde Stubblefield to name a few.

Though only recently released for the first time, Sean recorded his first solo album, ...swaying gently in the breeze..., in 2003.
His second solo album, Breath of Invocation, was released in 2004. His third solo album, Wisp, was released in the spring of 2011. Sean composed, recorded, mixed, mastered, &
produced all three albums.

2013 marks the release of two more solo albums:uncoiling
and Crosstown. Sean currently splits his time between performing, recording, and building musical instruments for
outdoor classrooms through his business Being:Art
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Sean Murphy