Sat Shabd became a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2001 and has been dedicated to music all his life. He is a sound engineer, producer, music composer and owner of Musicland in Chile.For the past 10 years, he has concentrated on creating music for yoga, meditation and music therapy.

He teaches Kundalini Yoga in music institutes and universities and gives workshops on mantras and music therapy in Chile.

His first CD, "Inspirations from the Universe" , Sadhana Chants from Chile, served many Kundalini Yoga students and teachers in their early morning practice.

"Guru", his second CD, includes mantras for meditation and instrumental music for relaxation and dance movements. The melodies in this musical work have the quality to uplift, open the heart, and reach deeply in our self, healing and connect with our spiritual essence and soul.




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Sat Shabd

  • this music is so heart opening! bewdiful!

    -- mahnpahl kaurhttp://
  • Guru es unalbúm obra maestra, disfruto muchísimo de él! Maravilloso, no me canso, gracias!

    -- Narina
  • Amazing!!

    -- Joel
  • GURU CD Its my favourite. Only listened to it on the internet and its got me. I have ordered it but no stock is left. Hope its not too long before I received it. Background music is very appealing, and the piano - its jazzy (I love my jazz). Instantly resonanted with me at a lot of levels. Lets see some more CD's. Heavenly.....

    -- Vera Pritpal Kaur